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Password change time

You might hate what I have to say next but I’m going to say it anyway, so here it goes…………. Maybe, it’s time to update your passwords…..

You could have the best security software in the world, such as ESET, but if you’re using weak passwords to sign up to websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter etc, you could be leaving yourself open to data and/or identity theft.

Here are 6 quick tips to creating strong passwords:

• Short Passwords are bad. Long “passphrases” are good.
• Never reuse an old password
• Ensure every account you use has a unique password
• Change your passwords periodically
• Use a memorable password
. Use two-factor authentication for important accounts like email and banking.

If you’re struggling to use a different long passphrase for every website, consider using a password manager. Here at Geek Helpline we use a program called LastPass which has saved us so many password headaches. If you are interested in looking at a password manager program and not sure where to start please call GeekGirl so she can look at a solution to give you back some password sanity.

Securely Yours,
The Geek Helpline Team

Send us a quick message here on facebook messenger or e mail us at or simply call GeekGirl on 1300 433 554.

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