Wireless Network Setup

Wireless Network Setup

If you are having computer network issues, we can help. 

Our technicians can come to your home or business and fix your computer network faults for you. From a small computer home network to a whole business wireless network repair. Because network issues can get a bit complex, getting an expert in can save a lot of time and worry. So, give us a Call on 1300 433 or a visit at our Buderim-based workshop

Or maybe you haven’t experienced the enormous benefits of a wireless home network yet? Well, we think it might be time to! A home network will allow you to share an internet connection and printer as well as other files like documents, movies, etc. between as many computers as you like.

We will:

A wireless home network will be set up using basic hardware like a router and network card/s, which can be supplied by you or us.

Rather than having copies of shared files between multiple devices, we will create one central location for sharing and show everybody how to access it quickly and easily from any device on the network.


Your printer/s and other media devices (like maybe  a TV) will be added to the network so that everyone in the home can access them from anywhere.

What’s also great is that many other devices are ‘networkable’ too meaning they can be added to your home network and then be accessed on other devices on that network. 


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