computer repairs

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remote computer repairs

Some of the things that can be fixed remotely:

  • Setting up your email correctly
  • Update Windows to the latest version
  • Fix and repair PC drivers
  • Remove unwanted programs and Malware
  • Speed up a SLOW computer
  • Configure software
  • Diagnose and speed up slow Internet connections.
  • Network printers not printing
  • Find missing files and documents
  • Setup your printer and scanner 
  • Remove viruses and spyware or get antivirus security installed.
  • Forgotten your WiFi password.
  • Can’t access some websites.
  • Migrate your email to Office 365.
  • Troubleshoot errors and program problems 
  • Backup of files, emails, photos, contacts etc.

what is remote support?

We can remote control any PC over the internet within seconds using a remote access software. With your co-operation the connection can be established over a secure connection , and this connection has to be approved on every session with your permission. You will need to have an internet connection working for this type of service. Fees are associated with this type of repair service on an hourly basis.

Remote Support available 24/7- Phone 1300 433 554 or Queenslanders can call 07 54768 888.

If you require remote support, Clicking the link below will add the QuickSupport application to your desktop screen for easy access.

remote computer repairs

how do i get remote support?


So you need our help remotely?  Contact us at Geek Helpline Computers on 

1300 433 554. 


Then click the link above to add the Quick Support application to your desktop screen for easy access.


We connect to your device and get the problem fixed while you watch us.


What you should know about our remote computer support

  • A lot of things can be fixed remotely within 15 minutes , however if your device cannot connect to the internet then you’ll need one of our geeks to pay you a visit. 
  • At any point of your remote session you can ask us technical questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.
  • The whole process is completely safe, we will never ask for email passwords etc, and our remote support is completely finished after the session, (removing our access once the repair is finished.)
  • Because TeamViewer Quick Support is an application that runs only when needed, it’s not installed on your computer and doesn’t require administrator-level access.


Get your computer repaired by one of expert technicians with over 25 years experience in the IT industry. We are a Local Family Owned Business that has been supporting Australian Families and Businesses for over 25 years.