Opera Has The Edge – Time To Make The Switch?

Opera and Chrome are popular web browsers, but how do you know which one’s right for you? Chrome has become the world’s go-to web browser, accounting for a majority of the web browser market. Despite this, as of recent times, we’ve started to see more and more warnings and news head lines about google chrome like these:

Although this is not something to panic about just yet, but if you want to be safe we suggest switching to Opera Browser. People who want to make the switch from Chrome to Opera can automatically import their data and take advantage of some of Opera’s unique features.



Ad Blocking

If you want an ad blocker in Chrome, you have to download it as an extension whereas Opera comes with an integrated adblocker. Opera is the first major browser to build ad blocking into the browser engine. The result is quicker page loads and a faster overall browsing experience.


As with the ad blocker, Opera is the only major browser with a built-in VPN. It’s available without a subscription, and unlike Chrome, requires no third-party extension. The VPN does have some great features. For example, you can use it in a private browsing window, mask your physical locations, and block cookies. The trade-off for extra security, however, is decreased speed and performance.

Effect on Battery Life

Chrome is a memory hog because it’s more than a search engine. It’s a collection of services and extensions that enable Chrome to provide a powerful multimedia experience. However, each of those services and extensions has an impact on your RAM and processing speed.

Opera provides a longer browsing experience through a feature called Battery Saver. This feature works by temporarily disabling plug-ins you don’t need and reducing background activity while the browser is on. Battery Saver also monitors your computer’s battery status and warns you when it reaches 20 percent.

Watching Videos

Opera offers an integrated feature called Video Pop-Out. With it, when you watch an online video, you have the option of seeing it in a floating window that you can position above the web page you’re viewing.

Chrome offers a similar experience through the Google Picture-in-Picture extension, available from the Chrome Web Store. Note, however, that the extension works only in the desktop version of Chrome.

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